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Gorilla safari, compare Uganda and Rwanda gorilla trekking or trek

Rwanda a land of a thousand hills is composed of a mountainous terrain with towering mountains, green valleys and breath taking sceneries, and has a moist temperature climate throughout the year. The Volcanoes National Park (Parc National des Volcans) offers stunning views. On the densely forested Virunga Volcano slopes are some of the remaining endangered mountain gorillas. you will have the chance to encounter these tranquil giants who the historic Diana Fossey studied about.
Ugandans call their country the “Pearl of Africa”. Located between Kenya, Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda and Sudan, the game parks and the game reserves in Uganda are an ideal retreat for tourists as they hold un-spoilt masses of tourism. As a result safari excursions in this part of the earth are so different from the rest in Africa. The parks don’t have tarmac and each expedition into the wild wilderness depends on the tracking expertise of the guide and your patience.
In life you may never find yourself humble as you will be in the presence of the calm gorillas. therefore prepare for this humility as you trek in the thick forests of Uganda and the adjacent Rwanda as you look for the grand apes and overwhelming opportunity to encounter them.
Of the 3 sub-species of the gorilla family, the mountain gorillas are the most uncommon and the largest among all primates. As compared to mountain gorillas, their cousins the western & Eastern Lowland Gorillas are much smaller in size and larger in population numbers well grown silverback gorilla; the male with a broad back covered with silver hair, can weigh approximately 250Kg and its their size that the females base on to choose the dominant male.
The mountain gorillas spend most of their time on the ground and rather the open rain forest canopy with light penetrating up to the forest floor. They feed mainly on bamboo. Their intelligence is believed to be as big as their sizes, and have no fright of humans, which unfortunately has accelerated their diminishing.
Gorilla families vary in sizes to up to 20 individuals. Unfortunately, there has been too much strain on the left over gorilla population in the current years. Political conflicts, trade f bush meat and demolition o f their habitat have devastated the remaining population of these impressive gorillas. unfortunately, there are less than 700 mountain gorillas left in the whole world today.
The only genuine way of saving these gorillas is through tourism and empowering the individuals who have dedicated their entire lives to protect this species. Uganda & Rwanda’s tourism industries are budding owning to the great opportunities that tourists have had while spending time with these impressive mammals. For that matter, tourism has greatly helped to save the dying out species, our wonderful “cousins”.