Africa Gorilla Safari and Wildlife Expedition

Gorilla Tracking and Wildlife Safari Uganda- 12 days

This specific Gorilla safari package is designed for tourist with longer safari vacations and time, set aside to enjoy the Pearl of Africa. There are visits to  Murchison falls national park, Kibaale forest national park, Queen Elizabeth park, Bwindi forest for gorilla trekking and a trip to Ngamba Island sanctuary. This package can also be adapted with special needs and preferences of each guest. Accommodation and dinning is included for all packages.

DAY 1-Arrival and Kampala city tour

Early arrivals are accompanied by a guided tour of the capital city Kampala, its seven hills and attractions like Kasubi tombs, its century old cathedrals, the Uganda museum, art galleries, independence monument and other attractions. Stop by African village markets to buy some souvenirs and gift items to take home after the trip.

Book into one of the elegant hotels around town for overnight accommodation and dinner. There is luxury in Kampala Serena Hotel, Grand Imperial Hotel and Kampala Sheraton Hotel. Check out budget and standard options from Tourist hotel, Holiday Inn, Speke hotel and other hotels.

DAY 2 – Transfers to Murchison Falls National Park

Meet your tour guide after breakfast and drive off to Murchison Falls National Park through the historical town of Fort Portal. Stop there for a lunch break and visit the Lugard’s monument at the heart of the town. Proceed to the park via Budongo forest and then to the park.

Climb to the top of the narrow gorge that makes the falls that plunges 43metres down. Here you’ll have excellent views of the park grasslands, the escarpment and the Victoria Nile that flows northwards.

Book overnight and dinner from luxury options like Sambiya River lodge, Paraa Safari Lodge and Nile Safari Lodge, budget accommodation from Red Chillis and Budongo Eco-lodge.

DAY 3- Boat cruise and Game drive Murchison Falls National Park

Game drives are often north of the park after your breakfast meal. There park has several animals like lions, bushbucks, oribi, rothchild’s giraffes, hartebeests, waterbucks hyenas, antelopes, bushpigs, jackals, mangoose and so much more. The banks along the Nile are teeming with several crocodiles of 6m in length, schools of hippos and birds.

The afternoon boat cruise is after your lunch break, taking about 3 hours of delightful birding and game viewing. Popular sights include the rare shoebill stork, kingfishers, fish eagles and other birds. Enjoy the African sunset on the cruise, and experience like no other!

Head back to your lodge for dinner and over night at the lodge.

DAY 4- Transfers to Kibaale Forest National Park

Wake up to a hearty breakfast, then board your transport to Kibaale forest National Park, driving through Fort Portal town, the western escarpment views and the farmed hill slopes. Enjoy lunch en-route. The trip takes roughly 8 hours of drive time. Arrive in the late afternoon, just in time for an evening walk through the forest trails. Relax for the rest of the evening in any lodge of your choice. There is budget accommodation from Kanyankyu Ecological Site camp, Chimps Nest camp, Rujuna Guesthouse and Rwenzori View Guesthouse. Luxury options are available from Ndali lodge, Primates lodges and Mountains of the Moon Lodge.

There is excellent overnight accommodation, dining and food from each of these lodges and accommodation facilities.

DAY 5- Chimpanzee Trekking and Bigodi Nature Walk in Kibaale Forest National Park

The excitement begins with a sumptuous breakfast, proceed to Kanyankyu Tourist centre for short talk and briefing on what to expect on this adventure. In small groups, you will launch your forest walk and chimpanzee tracking with an expert ranger/ guide. The park is famously home to more than 10 species of primates which include the red colobus, black and white colobus, grey mangabeys, pottos, baboons, vervet monkeys, bushbabies and its prime attractions, the chimps. In the shady forest canopy, you’ll see some of these as the search for wild fruits or play about in the branches. Other sites in the forest include different species of butterflies, buffalos, antelopes and the African elephant.

A walk in Bigodi swamp is rewarded with sights of swamp endemics like Sitatunga antelopes and over 200 species of birds like the great blue Turaco, the Grey-Throated Flycatcher, sunbirds, chestnut-winged starlings, masked Apalis and so much more.

Return to your lodge for dinner and overnight.


Take your early breakfast before you set on a trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The route is gifted with sights of the western escarpment and the glaciated peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains. The vast park covers nearly 2,000sq km of grasslands, rainforests, swamps, waters of the Victoria Nile and Lake Edward. There is plenty of game and birds to watch on game drives and on boat rides. Visit the Crater Lake called Katwe in the evening and see how salt is locally mined

Check into luxury accommodation from Mweya safari Lodge, hippo Hill camp, Jacana Lodge and kingfisher resort. There are also budget options from Institute of Ecology and Ihamba lodge. There is awesome dining and accommodation facilities from all the lodges.



There is a morning game drive after breakfast from the northern part of the park. Pack your camera and dress appropriately as you go visiting hyenas, antelopes, leopards, forest hog, elephants, waterbuck, bushbucks, monkeys, olive baboons and many others. Check out the tree climbing lions of Ishasha, south of the park.

The boat ride on Kazinga Channel is normally in the afternoon after the lunch break. The trip has interesting views of hippos, Nile crocodiles on the shore and over 200 birds that visit the lake for the daily catch. Such include fish eagles, pelicans, kingfishers, saddle billed stork, etc. the trip ends with the sun setting over the spectacular escarpment horizon.

DAY 8- Drive to Bwindi National Park

Wake up early for an early game drive to the southern end of the park where you’ll find lion dens and some birds. Stop by Kyambura gorge for an hour of chimp tracking. Head back to the lodge for break fast and set off to Bwindi National Park. Drive through Maramagambo forest, optionally stopping for a forest walk and picnic lunch.

Bwindi is found within the southern mountain slopes, also called the Switzerland of Uganda. The park is a famous destination for gorilla tracking in Uganda besides is wealth of unique flora, forest canopy, variety of birds, butterflies and its rare golden lodge, wagtail eco lodge, Virunga hotel, Nkuringo Camp and Lake Kitandara Camp.

DAY 9- Bwindi Gorilla Trekking

Wake up to a sumptuous breakfast and then head to the ranger station for short briefing about the much anticipated adventure. In groups of 8 people, head straight into the dense, impenetrable forest, led by an armed ranger guide/ tracker. The tacking experience is sometimes longer than expected, lasting up to 7 hours, thus you are advised to pack your lunch in a lunch box.

Finding a silverback family can be a thrilling moment for trackers. You are allowed only one hour of interaction and taking pictures of these amazing creatures. On the trail, you’ll also caome across the golden monkeys, a rare species endemic to the Albertine rift. Head back to your lodge for more exciting documentaries on the gigantic primates and spend the rest of the evening at leisure.


After breakfast, you will board the tour vehicle for a long 8hour trip to Kampala, driving past the long horned Ankole cattle grazing by, and the sight of the farmed hill slopes is spectacular. Stop by the equator for a few refreshments/ lunch, buy some souvenirs and gifts and later proceed to Kampala, then straight to Entebbe for more exciting adventures there.

Arrivals are always late in the afternoon. Book into a hotel for overnight and dinner, budget and standard accommodation is offered Central Inn Hotel, Airport Executive Hotel, Boma Guesthouse or Lake Victoria Windsor Hotel. Luxury facilities are form Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel and Imperial resort hotel.

DAY 11- To Ngamba Island and Chimpanzee sanctuary

Catch an early breakfast from your hotel and meet your tour guide for a timely cruise/ ride to Ngamba Island at either 9h00 or 12h45. Enjoy your ride on the vast Lake Victoria waters, crossing the equator en-route. The trip is just 45mins and then you are at the sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to more than 30 orphaned chimps and those formerly captured from illegal poachers. Arrive in time to watch the feeding session at the sanctuary. The chimps will either clap or whistle as they draw the attention of both the visitors and wardens feeding them. You could also help in the feeding.

Return to the beach for yet another visit to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, also called Entebbe Zoo. Besides the caged animals like monkeys, lions, rhino, pythons, crocodiles and others, the zoo has rich forest vegetation and is often visited for supplies of traditional herbs. There is also variety of birds and butterflies in the forest.

Dining and overnight at your lodge, as per standards and preferences

DAY 12- Kampala/ Entebbe City tours

Incase of delayed/ late departures, visit either Kampala or Entebbe’s attractions like the beaches, historical monuments and then stop by curio shops for needed souvenirs, memoirs and gift items to take home.

Be in time for your return flights at the end of the day.


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