Primate Safari Uganda

Primate Safari Uganda, Gorilla Safari in Bwindi and Chimps Safari in Kibaale Forest National Park – 5 days

This tour focuses on the different primates from Bwindi national park’s gorillas and then chimpanzees from Kibaale national park. The tour helps with better understanding and appreciation of these primates that are recently under extensive extinction from increased activity by poachers. This package offers a once in a life time opportunity for guest to experience the gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest, a population of 800 surviving numbers across the world.

This is a sample itinerary that can be tailored to suit any personal changes, times, dates and other preferences.

Day 1: Kampala – Kibale Forest

On arrival in Kampala, check into an overnight stay at a hotel or proceed on transfers to Kibaale with any trusted tour guide. Kibaale Forest national park is about 450km from Kampala and a 4-6hours drive along Mubende- Fort portal route in south central Uganda. The park is accessed by a murram road from fort portal town leading Kanyankyu Tourist centre near the park.

Arrivals are always in the late afternoon, providing enough time for an evening walk in the abundant forest. Look out for the forest lush vegetation and unique plants, over 300 species of birds like callared apallis, bee eater, Narina trogon, black capped apalis, yellow spotted nicator, blue headed sunbird, woodland warbler and more.

Check into one of the lodges here; Ndali Lodge, Primates Lodge or Mountains of the Moon Lodge for luxury package accommodation. For budget options, there is Priamtes lodge cottages, Kanyankyu Ecological bandas , Rwenzori View Guest house, Rujuna Guest  house Chimps and/ or Nest camp. You could go on an evening drive through this historical town for you head back to your chosen lodge for diner and overnight.

Day 2: Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibaale Forest

Wake up early for a forest walk after breakfast, starting at the tourist centre called Kanyankyu. After breakfast, you’ll short be briefed on what to expect on the day’s adventure. The park is gifed with more than 10 different primates such as the acrobatic colobus monkey, pottos, blue monkeys, grey cheeked mangabeys, olive baboon, bush babies and galagos among others. Chimpanzees are the most prominent of them all, seen swinging in the forest canopy.

Have a lunch break and later visit Bigodi Sanctuary on your nature walks for more than 130 swamp endemic birds and captivating swampy vegetation.  Return to your lodge for dinner and over night accommodation.


Day 3: Kibale Forest – Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Take your morning breakfast and quickly head for a long 5-6 hr tedious journey further south to Bwindi Impenetrable National park. The park’s sloppy terrain is abundant with bamboo rain forests and is a famous habitat for the Mountain Gorillas. Arrive in the late afternoon and take a nature/ birding safari for some of the Albertine endemic birds like with the Green Broadbill, Bar Tailed Trogon and more gorgeous forest species. This walk may sometimes be included in the package, although not necessarily. Visit Munyaga Waterfall and an opportunity to spot out primates like the Grey Cheeked Mangabey, Blue Monkeys and others primate species.

Accommodation and dining is available according to your standards and budget. There are luxury options from Gorilla forest Camp, Buhoma Lodge or Volcanoes Bwindi Safari lodge. Alternatively, check into budget accommodation from Bwindi Bandas, Nkuringo Campsite tents or Buhoma Community Bandas. Up market package accommodation include Engagi lodge, Gorilla Rest Camp, Traveler’s rest camp, Lake Kitandara camp, Wagtail Eco lodge and so much more.

Day 4: Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

After breakfast, get ready for the tracking experience at the ranger station. At the station, you’ll be briefed and given tips on how to relate with these amazing creatures. Pack your lunch boxes, wear boots and then set off to the forest with your armed ranger guide. The trek experience can proceed for more than 2 hours but it is worthwhile when you meet a family that you been tracking for a long time. You have only I hour to spend time with these animals, taking their pictures. There is so much to enjoy on this adventure; gorilla trails, unique forest vegetation, birds and other animals, all this, your ranger guide will gladly point it out and explain.

In the early evening, you can spare sometime to visit and interact with the local village communities living at the base of the forested slopes. Enjoy diner and overnight at your lodge.

Day 5: Make your way back to Kampala

Prepare for departures to Kampala after an early breakfast. Lunch can be enjoyed from any hotel on the way to Kampala. Stop by the equator and buy yourself some souvenirs and gifts to take home.


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